Automated Record Generation


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This is where you can download an Ant task I wrote to generate record classes from Cobol copy books.

Latest Version: 1.1

What's New

December 2, 2001 Version 1.1, Added MVSRecordAttributes class to work around problem of NT record attributes getting generated for remote calls bound for MVS. Thanks to Harold Gartner for the suggestion.
November 27, 2001 Version 1.0, First public version.


VisualAge for Java is a software development tool for developing Java applications. The Enterprise Edition has a feature called Enterprise Access Builder (EAB). EAB provides special tools for accessing legacy systems such as CICS and IMS as well as ERP systems such as SAP and PeopleSoft. For legacy systems (also referred to as Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), many of the transactions are written in Cobol. Some Cobol programs define their input data structures in terms of a copy book.

One of EAB's features is to provide code generation of Java classes from copy books that can provide data to their corresponding transactions in the expected format. The first time such a record is generated from a copy book, it is usually best done from the EAB GUI from inside VA Java. But subsequent generations, due to minor changes in the copy book, are best automated. This provides the following advantages.

  1. Automated generation runs faster than loading the EAB tool and clicking though a series of editors and menus.
  2. A person not familiar with record generation, or even EAB, can perform the task.
  3. The basic unit of source control becomes the copy book rather than the generated record classes. In principle, this could be true even without the automation. But one likes to think of the build as starting from source control checkout. If the build starts from the record classes themselves, then they should be in source control also. Record generation during the build step only requires that the copy book be in source control.

Integration with Ant

I submitted this task to the Ant developer mailing list for inclusion with other Ant optional tasks. Their feeling was they didn't want to be responsible for maintaining something that was tightly integrated with VA Java's internal API. Instead they suggested I post it here and they would provide a link to it.

Since it is not incorporated as an optional Ant task, you need to provide taskdef tags in your Ant script for each task (there are two). This isn't too big of a deal. If I find that enough people are using it, I'll make an appeal to the developer mailing list suggesting that they incorporate it as an optional task with me as the contact person for any problems.


Though I am an IBM employee, the javarec Ant tasks are not IBM products. I have written them in my spare time and released them under the Apache Software License This basically means you can use/modify/distribute the software as you like; just don't sue me for it.


Below are the files available for download.


API Reference

Usage instructions. These file are included with either of the two zip files listed below.


The binary version of the distribution. It contains the documentation and JAR file, but no source code. The readme is included with the zip.


The source code as exported from CVS. The "bin" package above is created by zipping up the dist directory of this package. The readme is included with the zip.


This package is not formally supported in any bulletin board or mailing list. I'll be glad to answer any questions that I can regarding record generation. I usually won't be able to trouble shoot legacy system configurations in my spare time. However, if you're willing to up the ante, something can probably be worked out.

In any case, shoot me an email at and I'll see what I can do.