Firefox Add-on: DP Latency Record Analyzer

IBM DataPower appliances have a Web UI for administration. The Web UI log viewer displays latency records for completed transactions. The Mozilla DataPower Latency Log Visualization Add-on page provides a copy-n-paste analysis tool for interpreting the latency log statements. The cumbersome part is copying the latency entry of interest into the form field for each entry. After a few of them it gets pretty tiresome.

This Firefox add-on helps automate the copy-n-paste. When active, it provides a context-menu item DataPower log entries that match the latency record format. Simply right-click the latency log entry (since the entry is a link, left-click pops-up the usual DataPower help panel). If the add-on recognizes the latency log format, an Analyze Latency Entry menu item should be available. Selecting it will open a new window with the usual ShowLatency.html but with the link pasted into the form field. Repeating this for several links replaces the contents of the Latency window. See the GitHub page for more details.

Eclipse Run Configuration for CoProc2

CoProc2 is a proxy service that runs inside IBM DataPower appliances to assist with XSLT development. This Eclipse plug-in provides a run configuration that provides remote execution of a stylesheet on a DataPower appliance. The following links will help you get started using CoProc2 within Eclipse.

DocBook with Eclipse

Producing documents with DocBook has many benefits; but it also has many challenges. Using Eclipse to create documents with DocBook provides assistance in many ways. Naturally I wrote the document using DocBook; I keep the source in a public GitHub repository.